Having a small space or a constricted corner for a patio is not an excuse not to make the most out of it. Adorning and furnishing your patio and garden, is after all a great way to give your home an extra living space. Just remember to choose patio furniture that are designed smartly so that it will be easy for you to move them around and to quickly store them when you want to turn your patio from a relaxing space to an entertainment area.


  1. Clear Your Space

The first step is to clear the area and take a good look at the things you have once everything has been moved out. There are areas in our garden and patio that we tend to overlook most of the time. You need to consider spaces such as snug corners, vertical space, and wide stairs as possible spaces for furnishings.

  1. Sketching Your Possible Layouts

Try creating a layout by placing a group of your affordable outdoor furniture in a corner beside a wall. Try to use the larger pieces of furniture you have like a chaise lounge or even a picnic bench style table that you can set in the middle of the space and used as a focal point.

  1. Select Easy to Store Furniture

Hammocks are a great choice. They’re easy to fold up and you can store them up when you’re not using them. When there’s a need to expand the seating, nesting tables and stacking chairs offer the best options.

  1. Look for Trim Furniture Designs

Choose a patio umbrella positioned into a base with a weight and tucked into a corner to cover a small folding table and chairs instead of a full dining set. Using a sail shade will not eat up any floor space and it also offers all the shade that outdoor umbrellas do. If you want a low profile look, opt for the classic Adirondack chairs with a matching table. And to keep the look trimmed down, go for a French bistro table which has a pedestal base and the chairs that accompanies it have thin legs.

  1. Make Sure to Choose Lightweight and Versatile Pieces

Wicker furniture is easier to mover around and put away in the storage than pieces of the same size that are made of hardwood, metal or glass. There are a few wicker, wood and resin fold-down table tops available that can withstand all kinds of weather. They can be easily pushed evenly along a wall.

  1. Find Pieces that Fits Underused Areas Perfectly

For casual seating try stacking cushions on wide stairs or put some tiny stools around a chimney. Make use of your patio’s vertical space by hanging plants on the wall and for a more rustic look, set up a line of stools with no backs along the wall.

  1.  Incorporate Lighting and Shade

A porch swing can provide its own canopy to protect you against the sun or a drizzle, while a table top with a small fire pit at the centre provides warmth during cold nights as well as light, atmosphere and extra table space.

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